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The RKG AND ASSOCIATES is one of the most leading matrimonial law firms located in Delhi, India. Since the beginning 2004, the main theme of our law firm is to provide and serve the best law services and solutions in the area of matrimonial cases and family law to our clients across Delhi NCR. Our law firm consists of a team of dedicated and professional advocates in Delhi, who is specialist in matrimonial cases. The firm provides its services relating to dowry law, family law, marriage registration law, divorce law, child custody law, court marriage law and etc.

We have started to match love birds in the years 2004. Since 18 long years, we are blessed to be a part of the biggest court marriage law firm in Delhi i.e rkgandassociates. 

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RKGandassociates Owner Mr. Ramakant Gupta 

We offer our support to the  court marriage registration and getting the marriage certificate in no time. We provides advocates for court marriage registration in Delhi, we have lawyer for special marriage act under christian and muslim marriage. 


We have been serving to our clients with years of experience, faith, disciplined work culture and responsibilities. Our team is always dedicated to delivering only excellent solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients and by following the strong professional ethics. Our objective is providing unmatched high quality legal services to meet the requirements of the clients. We make sure that no matter what the situation is, our client has prompt access to our lawyers and they are well informed about their cases and development of their respective cases.

We tend to believe in the effective, fast and budget friendly services that meet the ever changing needs of our clients. With the immense knowledge in law and the experience of our lawyers, we will prove to be a great value to you. You can check out the vision and mission of our matrimonial law firm in delhi.

There is no doubt to say that ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’. But unfortunately, not all Marriages last forever. To resolve complications related to marriages, there is a number of Law experts in the field but only The Matrimonial Lawyers in Delhi can give the best redressed of your matrimonial issues by mutual and legal means as by law established. Our law firm in Delhi provides the legal and strategic advice in the area of family law.

Hiring a professional and experienced matrimonial lawyer in Delhi NCR is the best way you can get peace of mind while dealing with matrimonial cases, alimony, child custody, and mutual divorce proceedings. Therefore, our firm consists of highly qualified, dedicated, specialized Indian legal brains that are in a position to provide quick, better, and effective legal services for handling your matrimonial legal matter in a court of law. We are not only known to fight the case in the court of law but also for family counseling to solve problems of respective clients off the court on mutual consent.



We are well aware that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, we are dedicated to provide you the language that you can well understand. In case, you feel like you don’t understand your options, you can just ask us and we will work together to a solution for you. Our first step is to work along with our client, understand their issues and come up with a plan to get the result that they need. With the combination of our understanding of the law and client’s understanding of circumstances, we believe in working together with our clients to reach the path of success. We believe that the best advice is achieved by working in a close corporation with our clients.

The RKG And Associates deals with all most all kind of problems like- filing and defending matrimonial issues, family counseling, detecting, dowry harassment, wills/trust, child custody, marriage registration, divorce, mutual consent divorce lawyer in Delhi and domestic violence. Our law experts are competent enough to readdress any kind of issues related to matrimony and to get the best lawful order for our respective clients.

Whose aim is to guide our clients by identifying and achieving their goals, protecting their interest and by providing the best possible services in matrimonial cases and family matters.

Our mission is providing our clients with the customized solutions which are not only productive but are also cost-effective. The firm has experts lawyers to deal with matrimonial cases and provides services relating to Dowry case Law, Family Law, Child Custody law, court marriage Law, Marriage registration, and many more. Our firm has always endeavored to create effective and innovative methods of providing quality, beneficial and lucrative services for our clients. We always desire to meet and succeed in the expectations of our valuable clients.

Our Online Marriage Registration Lawyer in Saket Court, Delhi aspires to build a long term relationship with our clients through teamwork and along with principles of accountability, consistency and honesty. We understand our client’s perspective which is the need for the legal advice, expertise, value and creativity. We rank amongst the top matrimonial lawyers in New Delhi as we make sure that our client always has prompt access to lawyers at the Firm. Also, we ensure that our clients are always kept well informed of the developments on their respective works. We tend to meet all the expectations of our clients on a 24/7 basis. We remain fully competitive and aim at providing the fast, efficient, and cost-effective service that meets the challenging needs of our clients. The matrimonial lawyers as a team strongly believe that your success is effectively ours!

The matrimonial lawyers are one of the fastest and leading growing law firm in India. The matrimonial lawyers provide the legal services and solutions for matrimonial and family disputes. We advise our clientele on all the aspects of a family matter and matrimonial cases. We are the best matrimonial lawyer in Delhi High Court & Supreme Court of India.

The Matrimonial Lawyers in Delhi regularly provide assistance to the clients in the areas of:


  • Family laws
  • Dowry Cases
  • Divorce Cases
  • Cases which are under domestic violence


Best Rated Marriage Registration Lawyer in Delhi 

Rkgandassociates provides all services required. From marriage registration to support in the special marriage act, we have extended support for the love birds. 

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Meet the Lawyer: Ramakant Gupta: Best Rated Lawyer in Delhi NCR

In the Modern day, people search for their own way of doing a court marriage without the involvement of a court marriage lawyer in Delhi, even though there is no provision for the presence of a marriage registration lawyer at the time of registration but the best court marriage lawyer can help you give proper education throughout your marriage and can ease your marriage procedure in Delhi courts. 

 You can’t do the marriage on the same day of application, in such cases, the best lawyer plays an important part in the documentation and process of getting it done without burning your pockets as well. You just need to take care of a few things before applying for the court marriage 

Court Marriage Certificate: Court issues a certificate of the both groom and bride after a court marriage or whether it is an arranged marriage, it is the most important evidence of a legal marriage in front of the court and legal authorities. A marriage certificate can help you to take an action against your partner in case of any issue. 

 Rkgandassociates is a valuable firm in Delhi courts that is offering legal consultancy for court marriage in Delhi for 18+ years, you can get our free marriage counseling before tying the knot. We have so much experience in marriage registration, so we can also ensure your marriage is at ease. 

There are two marriage act given in marriages, one is HINDU MARRIAGE ACT, 1955 and the SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT, 1954, if the couples belongs to HINDU, BUDDHISTS, JAINS and SIKHS then HINDU marriage act, 1955 is applicable in the marriage, if any of the partner is not belongs to these caste then special marriage act, 1954 is applicable in the marriage. 

  • Marriage Under HINDU MARRIAGE ACT, 1955

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 The first step is to apply to the sub-registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage took place. Alternatively, you can apply to the registrar of the place where either spouse stayed for at least six months before marriage. Both partners need to fill the relevant application form, sign it, and submit it, along with photocopies of the necessary documents , such as age proof and address proof. For proof of marriage, submit a certificate from the priest who solemnised the marriage. Keep in mind that both parties will need to disclose their previous marital status, if any. All the documents should be attested by a gazetted officer. Lastly, you will have to deposit a fee with the cashier and attach the receipt with the form.

  • Marriage under SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT, 1954

Here are the documents required for the court marriage registration in Delhi 

under special marriage act, 1954

  1. Application form of marriage filled by the bride and groom and duly signed it 
  2. Proof of age from the both partner, it can be birth certificate, passport and voter card
  3. Residential proof of Delhi, 30 days residential proof in case of non-delities, 
  4. In case of any divorcee, copy of divorce is required at the time of registratio
  5. 3 passport size photographs is required 
  6. Non-Indian citizen is required to carry the NOC from the embassy 
  7. Some countries wants proof of marriage certificate of Indians before granting VISA to a foreign country 
  8. Non- Indians who wish to do marry in India and wants to stay long must be aware of the citizenship of India and taxes liability here
  9. Affidabit from the both parties in acceptance of the following details:
  1. DOB
  2. Intention of marriage 
  3. Citizenship 
  4. Marrital Status 
  5. Parties act are not related to each other in special marriage( they should not belong to prohibited relationships)

What to look in the advocate before filing your marriage registration in Delhi?

Marriage is the special day in the life of an individual and noone wants to get it spoiled because of unprofessional lawyer support at the time of marriage. So you need to look at the every aspect of lawyer before hiring them: 

  1. Professionalism: Law is a professional field and professionals have lots of etiquettes to show to their clients. You must check on the etiquettes of the lawyer straigtway when you talk to them, 
  2. Experience: Law is not a kinda small things, 5 years is required to study law initially and almost double years to practice it, You need to look at the experience of the lawyer in handling those previous cases. 
  3. Fees: Fees is the little things you can compromise on. You are in front of a lawyer to get legal advice on marriage not for the bargaining in a shopping counter, An experience lawyer has standard fees and you need to pay that for the court marriage in Delhi 


Court Marriage VS Love Marriage Lawyer in Delhi 

Court marriage or love marriage lawyer is the two phase of a single coin, but the same. You need their assistance for a love marriage in Delhi or court marriage in Delhi 

  1. You won’t have to fearful of rejection of application of your marriage 
  2. You can relax and enjoy with your partner and leave the burden of documentation in the shoulder of love marriage lawyer in Delhi 
  3. Get quick response from court


What are the documents required in a love marriage in Delhi? 

  1.  Age proof of the partner 
  2. Residential proof of the partner 
  3. 2 witness 
  4. NOC in case of non-Indian citizens 
  5. 3 passport size photograph 
  6. If divorce- divorce papers required to get marriage done 
  7. Letter of NOC from the ambassy for foreign citizens


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Why Choose RKGANDASSOCIATES for your love marriage/ marriage registration 


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  6. Complimentary other legal services 


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FAQs for Court Marriage and Matrimony Law

Qs. Can I do a court marriage without hiring a lawyer? 

Ans. Yeah, Absolutely, Without hiring a lawyer you can apply for court marriage


Qs. Whether divorce obtained in Norway Court of II married couple valid under Indian law

Ans.  Absolutely not, Norway laws are not applicable in India, You need to apply in Indian courts 


Qs. Without Lawyer Can we give memo to court requesting to refer to Lok Adalat can we attend and get compromised matrimonial case

Ans. Yeah, You can head on to Lok Adaalat without the help of  lawyer, but best court marriage in lawyer can help you to guide throughout the process and gives you ease 


Qs. What a total fees and charges for court marriage take by the advocate?

Ans. There is no such fix fees for a court marriage, Altought there is a lumpsum fees of 10k for a divorce case in Delhi court 


Qs. Indian law for love marriage against parents in Hindi

Ans. The minimum age for a love marriage a 21 years, Its your fundamental right to chose whom you want to marry once you reach to 21 years of age. 


Qs. Can a couple can change the downer amount after marriage under Muslim law? 

Ans. No its is not possible according to the muslim law, downer can’t be changed 


Qs. Which law is against on love marriage?

Ans. Not any law is written in the India Penal code is against the love marriage 


Qs. How to become marriage registration lawyer?

Ans. To become a marriage registration lawyer you need to study law 


Qs. Indian law can husband prohibit if wife wants to study after marriage

Ans. Indian constitution doesn’t want to put any allegation on study of a girl although it promotes it, that’s why husband can’t prohibit his wife education. 

Qs. What are the rule of court in the  Court Marriage?

Ans. Court Marriage is the procedure of marriage registration of two partner in front of the court and legal authorities.  A marriage certificate is issued by the court for the pair and couple called as life partner. The overall methodology of court marriage can be done at ease with the help of an experienced lawyer in Delhi courts. In any case, the couple should observe a few in number guidelines which are directed by the appointed authority of the country. In the event that the couple is discovered disregarding the standards, it will end up being a culpable offense. 

 Bride and groom should be above 18 years and 21 years of age as directed by the law. The marriage should be done with the law related to HinDu marriage act or special marriage age according to the religion bride and groom belongs to.  To do a bury rank marriage then likewise one of the accomplices ought to need to change their religion. Home of the groom, Home of the lady, and Solemnization spot ought to be accessible under the limits of the predetermined state. The accomplices ready to play out a court marriage should achieve an expert legal counselor for oversight. Both the accomplices are diplomats who acknowledge their accomplices and play out their marriage with full assent. In this way, ensure that you’ve dealt with the above rules. If you have any desire to know more insights concerning the standards of Court marriage then you can reach us now.

Qs. How might I get court marriage in Delhi?


  • Date of birth of both the gatherings (tenth Testament/Visa/Birth Certificate).
  • Address Confirmation of lady of the hour and lucky man (elector ID/driving license).
  • Some identification size photographs of Lady and Groom.
  • The two observers ought to be from Delhi.
  • Dish Card and Address evidence of the observers and some others.

Qs. What is the expense of court marriage in Delhi?

Application charges and court marriage attorney expenses

In Marriage Act Application charge

In Hindu Marriage Act Rs. 500/ –

In Exceptional Marriage Act. Rs. 500/ –

Qs. What is the Method of Court Marriage in Delhi?

 Performing court marriage in Delhi is a simple errand that can be finished in least time with the assistance of an expert court marriage advocate in Delhi. 

There are 2 kinds of relationships that can be acted in the court of Delhi. 

(1) Court marriage in Delhi under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and 

(2) Under the Exceptional Marriage Act, 1954. Both are the Piece of Court Marriage in DelhiMarriage Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Firstly, the couple should visit the court and fill the structure which is properly endorsed by the couple. Presently, with every one of the records, they apply for their Arya Samaj Court marriage in Delhi. The recorder will confirm the sequential and the couple will be shipped off the enrolled Arya Samaj mandir. The couple will finish their marriage as per the customary ceremonies and they get their certificate.Under Exceptional Marriage Act, 1954Firstly, the couple will apply for their court marriage application. They’ll get the arrangement following 30 days from the date of use. This period is for application protest and the couple should sit tight for 30 days. After the consummation of 30 days, they visit the marriage enlistment center’s office and check their records. Enlistment center will check their reports and confirm their marriage. Indeed, this isn’t enough in light of the fact that the couple should organize every one of the reports and need to finish a few techniques. To find out about it then, at that point, contact rkgandassociates now

Qs. Could Court Marriage Occur in One Day?

 On the off chance that you’re going through the special marriage Act, I would agree that that vieing for court marriage in a day is simply unimaginable. You need to spend 30 days and from that point forward, your marriage will be perceived as prevailing by the court. On the off chance that both the gatherings come from the Hindu religion, playing out a marriage in something like a day or 2 days is conceivable. 

 Through the Arya samaj marriage act, you can play out your marriage inside the time of 1 or 2 days. Another way by which you can play out your marriage in 1 day is to play out your marriage under the individual law of Muslims (Just for Muslims) and get enrolled in only 1 day. There is the main way by which you can play out your marriage in a day. Indeed, we realize that it is something confounding yet relax and simply reach us on 7503782804 and get your answer now.

Qs. Could we at any point wed without guardians?

 Indeed, sorting out the marriage without guardians is disregarding the customary ceremonies however yes in the event that a couple will wed without the presence of their folks then they can. Court will simply request the necessary records with the accessibility of witnesses. An individual who turns into an eye suspect of your marriage and having a relationship with you is known as an Observer. The observer can be in any way similar to your Relatives, Companions, and Family members. In this way, in the event that your relatives are not with you or don’t uphold your marriage then your family members or companions can be the observer of your marriage. Thus, eventually, we can undoubtedly infer that “Yes” marriage should be possible without the accessibility of guardians.

Qs. What are Court Marriage Charges in Delhi?

 The Charges of Court marriage in Delhi are extremely less. Right off the bat, you need to pay the application expenses for applying for your court marriage application. In the event that you’re playing out your court marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 you simply need to pay 100/ – as your application charges. Assuming you’re applying to play out your marriage under the Unique Marriage Act, 1954 then the structure will charge you 150/ – . For the effective culmination of your court marriage, a lot of legal counselors are accessible in Delhi. Indeed, a portion of the legal counselors are extortion and charge high charges from these clients. As we generally let you know that the system of court marriage isn’t exceptionally muddled and particularly for a legal counselor. Just contact us on 8860482921, Our team of legal expert can help you throughout the process. Of your dream wedding 

Qs. What are Court Marriage Charges in Ghaziabad?

 The charges of Court marriage in Ghaziabad are not extremely high yet a few legal counselors in Ghaziabad charge more than 15000/ – for court marriage in Ghaziabad. We’re offering premium types of assistance for our clients at an extremely savvy cost. Our cost ranges are separated by the kind of marriage with the goal that clients won’t need to pay additional charges for their marriage. Not just this, we as a whole guarantee to not charge any secret expense. Our clients are liberated from a wide range of stowed away expenses and simply need to pay the recommended sum for our administrations. See beneath to realize about our charges as per various kinds of marriages.Tatkal Court Marriage in GHAZIABAD For regulating the tatkal court marriage in Ghaziabad we just charge 4000-10000/ – . This is one of the most certifiable and solid costs for the culmination of a Tatkal court marriage in Ghaziabad.Marriage under Hindu marriage Act, 1955. 

 For Hindu Marriage Act, our charges lie under the scope of 4000-10000/ – . The Hindu marriage act is performed with the customary ceremonies of Arya Samaj. Our cost range for Arya Samaj’s marriage is ideal which doesn’t achieve any secret cost.Marriage under Extraordinary Marriage Act, 1954If you’re willing to play out your court marriage under the exceptional marriage act then we will contribute our true capacity in the value scope of 9000-13000 which is the most reduced cost range for the Unique Marriage Act. To find out about our costs and will get designs in like manner then, at that point, call us now on 8860482921

Qs. What is the Marriage Enlistment process in Delhi?

 Marriage enrollment is a technique that is a piece of the court marriage. Having marriage enrollment is vital for each couple. The enrollment of marriage will go about as proof that demonstrates that the marriage is finished between two peoples.. For consummation of your marriage enrollment, you simply need to finish the accompanying advances : – First and foremost, the couple should gather the structure from the marriage enlistment center’s office and fill it. On the date of the arrangement, the couple should present the structure which ought to be properly endorsed by the gatherings. Likewise, remember to give a duplicate of fundamental records which are expected for the finish of marriage enrollment. Check these records and when your report confirmation will be finished then register your marriage with the accessibility of an Observer. Ensure that no less than one observer is obligatory. Consequently, the marriage enlistment in Delhi is finished and the couple will get their marriage endorsement. All things considered, we know that you’re not completely fulfilled and many inquiries are running to you with respect to Marriage enrollment and court marriage. In the event that indeed, don’t pause and reach us now 8860482921

Qs. What is distinction between court marriage and enrolled marriage?

 Court relationships are not the same as the conventional relationships which for the most part in the middle between all the relatives and family members by following every one of the strict customs. Court relationships done within the sight of a marriage official in the devoted court.


Qs. How might I truly do court marriage without guardians?

 If the lady of the hour and husband to be need to wed and have accomplished the time of Larger part, i.e, (18 years for female and 21 years for male), then, at that point, you need to apply for enlistment of marriage in the Recorder’s office in the court. By fulfilling the system prerequisite of the law you’ll get hitched and get a worldwide acknowledged Marriage testament.


Qs. Should court marriage be possible two times?

 Carrying out polygamy in the US is illegal in each state, and the people who participate in it very well may be dependent upon both crook and common punishments. Since your subsequent marriage is unlawful, it is viewed as void since it lawfully can’t exist. A void marriage can be dissolved in each state. Thus, in the event that you’re locked in with a marriage then you don’t reserve the option to rehash court marriage with another accomplice. It is a culpable offense.

Qs. Should court marriage be possible covertly?

 The most effective method to do a mysterious marriage in court without telling the guardians about the equivalent. In India both the gatherings (male and female) regardless of their standing, religion or an Indian and an outsider can finish their court marriage with their eagerness under the Extraordinary Marriage Act, 1954. Here, the two of them need to give a devoted Oath of their assent.


Qs. What is the contrast between Hindu Marriage Act and the Unique Marriage Act? 

Hindu Marriage Act and Unique Marriage Act both are sorts of Acts by which an individual can design their court marriage. Indeed, their base is something very similar however when we look at them then, at that point, they’ll get a few distinctions. See every one of the significant contrasts between the Hindu Marriage Act and the Unique Marriage Act : –

 #1. Year of Ordered : – The most essential distinction between the two demonstrations is in various long stretches of authorization. The Hindu Marriage Act was sanctioned in the year 1955 though the Exceptional Marriage Act was established in 1954. 

 #2. Appropriateness:- This is the most significant contrast between the Hindu marriage act and the Exceptional marriage act. Just individuals who’re from the Hindu religion are qualified to play out their court marriage under this Demonstration. The unique marriage act is material for all residents of India independent of their race, religion, rank, and nationality. 

 #3. Marriage Enrollment : – Under Hindu Marriage Act, the couple can finish their marriage enlistment soon after finishing the court marriage. Indeed, this act doesn’t give solemnization of marriage through the enlistment center. This present circumstance is the inverse in the Extraordinary marriage act where you need to apply for marriage enrollment independently however solemnization of marriage through the enlistment center. 

 #4. Time Length : – Under the exceptional marriage act, you need to sit tight for 30 days subsequent to applying for marriage enrollment yet in the Hindu marriage act, the marriage enlistment should be possible in only 1 day. 

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