Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Delhi

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Bounced Cheque

What is the case of Bounce or Dishonors of Cheque.
As per the Indian Law’s Cheque Bounce or Dishonors is a criminal and punishable offence under the section of 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. In this act, drawee who fails to honors his cheque could be faced punishment upto 2 years & fine upto double of the cheque amount.
In other word A situation of cheque bounce or Cheque dishonored is basically a term used to define the unsuccessful processing of a dispensed cheque due to several reasons.

A cheque is said to have dishonored due to beneath referenced reasons.

1. Stop payment installment

2. Insufficient balance

3. Account closed

4. Signature mismatch

5. Exceeds arrangement

Conditions necessary for cheque Dishonored

  • The cheque is dishonored because to insufficiency of funds or all the above reasons

  • A Legal notice is served within 30 days from the date of bouncing of cheque

  • A installment of due sum is not made within 15 days time.

  • The installment was to be made for release of legitimately enforceable obligation.