Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Delhi

Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Delhi

“RKG AND ASSOCIATES” having one of the best Cheque Bounce Cases Lawyers in Delhi who having in depth knowledge, which is quite necessary for successful prosecution or defense, persistently engaged in advocating banks, finance institutions, firms in various financing transactions, loans, legal due diligence, project financing & individuals. We provide most quality & experienced bunch of the advocates, giving their significant adminstration in all banking and finance Cases including cheque Bounce Cases or Cheque Dishonors to our customers. Our legal experts listen to the clients, file and contest the cheque bouncing cases in courts of Session Courts of Saket In South Delhi, High Courts & the Supreme Court of India & provide wanted help to our customers.

What is the case of Bounce or Dishonors of Cheque.

As per the Indian Law’s Cheque Bounce or Dishonors is a criminal and punishable offence under the section of 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. In this act, drawee who fails to honors his cheque could be faced punishment upto 2 years & fine upto double of the cheque amount.

In other word A situation of cheque bounce or Cheque dishonored is basically a term used to define the unsuccessful processing of a dispensed cheque due to several reasons.

A cheque is said to have dishonored due to beneath referenced reasons.

  1. Stop payment installment
  2. Insufficient balance
  3. Account closed
  4. Signature mismatch
  5. Exceeds arrangement

Conditions necessary for cheque Dishonored

  • The cheque is dishonored because to insufficiency of funds or all the above reasons
  • A Legal notice is served within 30 days from the date of bouncing of cheque
  • A installment of due sum is not made within 15 days time.
  • The installment was to be made for release of legitimately enforceable obligation.


What is Cheque Bounce? 

  • Cheque bounce is the phenomenon of insufficient money from a drawer account. The respective bank has denied the cheque to accept it and issue a letter of explanation for the denial. 
  • Cheque bounce is just as simple we can imagine. It is a financial offence that can lead to consequences like negative CIBIL score, penanty by the bank, civl and criminal cases by the party. 
  •  In case of civil or criminal cases by the aggrieved party then advocates for check bounce in delhi can help you to get rid of this trap. 
  • Cheque bounce cases is really a common cases in the national capital Delhi. RKGandasspcoayes is helping their client from the last 18+ years in cheque bounce cases in the Delhi. 

Cheque Bounce case in India  

Cheque bounce is the outcome of a cheque being unprocessed by the bank for numner of reasons. It can cause big penalties of without our imagination. 

How much cheque bounce charges by the Bank

Image Credit: Cheque Bounce Charges – What 138 Negotiable Instrument Act Says About Check Bounce Penalty (


Cheque bounce lawyer fees

  • Generally in money recovery suits, lawyer fee’s is 10% of the principal amount claimed in the suit. So for a 16 Lakhs recoery suit, lawyer’s fee would be Rs. 1.60 Lacs.
  • Lawyer Fee can be varies from 5% to 20%
  • f Total Amount. Interim Relief as such not available, only you can get “ Non bailable warrant (NBW) against accused, after accused not appeared at least 3 times. This may take time over 1 year+ to get this stage, f less than 1 possible, if s that court has no other /much work load.

Cheque bounce lawyer in Delhi

Cheque bounce lawyers are attorney who specialize in helping clients recover money that was lost as a result of bounces cheque from a payee. Cheque bounce lawyer in Delhi can help you to file a lawsuit against the payee of the cheque whosever have issued it., and can help you to get your money back. 

Best cheque bounce lawyer in Delhi can help to recover the suit. Rkgandassociates has spent 18 valuable years into the cheque bounce cases in Delhi and helps hundred of clients to recover their money and keep away from criminal offenses.

Law against cheque bounce in India

There are number of reasons on which the cheque would bounce and the reason which includes: 

  1. Insufficient bank balance in the account 
  2. Account has been permanently closed 
  3. Payment instruction by the bank by fraudulent activity 


Section 138 has been introduced by the authorities to keep the track of cheque bounce cases in case of dishonesty, Section 138 to 142 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (“Act”) was found to be deficient in dealing with cheque bounce matters.At last in 2002, Section 143 to 147 of the Act was inserted so that the process is summarily decided. 

Best lawyer for cheque bounce case in delhi 

Cheque bounce lawyers are the helping hand in filing the lawsuit against a payees of a dishounoured cheque. Best cheque bounce lawyer in delhi can help you to recover your money and prevent you from the criminal offenses. 

Advocate fees for cheque bounce case

The fees for advocates in the cheque bounce cases can differ with the severity of the case and time taken to close the case. 

Generally in money recovery suits, lawyer fee’s is 10% of the principal amount claimed in the suit. So for a 16 Lakhs recoery suit, lawyer’s fee would be Rs. 1.60 Lacs.


Advocate for cheque bounce in Delhi

Rkgandassociates handled by Ramakant Gupta is the best advocate for cheque bounce in Delhi. You can visit our office at saket court, chamber no. 624 or call us +91 8860482921 to book an online appointment. 


How to file cheque bounce case in Delhi?

Cheque bounce is a offence under the section 138, in under the punishment of twice the sums of money in the cheque or imprisonment up to 2 years or both. 

Cheque Bounce Case procedure 

Here is the step-by-step procedure on How to file  cheque bounce in Delhi?

  1. You need to file a complaint after the expiry of the notice 
  2. After the complaint, you need to appear in the court and provides the details in front of the court. If court thinks, you had put valid points in front of them they can issue a summon for the payee. 
  3. The issuer has to appear for the case and apply for the bail and hence criminal proceeding would be there
  4. Both parties will put their side in front of the court 
  5. After the hearing court decides whether he is imposing penalty or the punish of 2 years or both. 



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