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Best Civil Lawyer in Delhi

“RKG And Associates, is a platform that has professional experienced lawyers (Legal Experts) to look into your legal matters, expertise in a wide range of specialized in complete matter of civil nature, in-depth knowledge of all Civil procedures and Interpretation of Statute with strong analytical and arguing abilities adept at pleadings, drafting of Suit, Agreements, Contracts, vetting of Documents. Additionally money recovery, recovery disputes, suits related to children, wards, guardianships, estate, property, custody, execution, claims, partitions and various petitions etc.”

Talented and energetic new blood, who has recognition in this field, Provides comprehensive legal assistance to the clients under litigation of civil laws, of India. The Said Law firm not only stands for on behalf of their client in a legal proceeding but also gives advice to the client related to the civil business deal. The job involves presenting cases before judges, negotiating settlements of legal disputes, investigating the facts, filing appeals in the higher court on the behalf of the clients.

The Firm blessed with the team of highly qualified, specialized.

Type of Civil Cases in Delhi RKG And Associates Deal with?

At the Law Office of RKG And Associates, all these civil matters get resolved likewise most of the civil lawyers in Delhi by following the legal processes in a proper manner so that clients get maximum satisfaction. Here is some of civil litigation service  our best civil lawyer in Delhi provides:

  • Property Litigation Matters
  • Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues etc.
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Contractual Dispute Litigation- Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements.
  • Unknown Transaction Matters (Benami transaction)
  • Easements Litigation Matters
  • Land Acquisition Litigation
  • Matters related to Foreign Act
  • Societies and Co-Operative Societies Matters
  • Successions and Trusts Matters
  • Suit for partition of movable or immovable properties in Delhi-NCR.
  • Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions
  • Suit for declaration;
  • Petitions under child & wards act & guardianship act.
  • Petition for custody of children, wards, appointments of guardians etc.
  • Petition for obtaining probate/letter of administration / succession certificate;
  • Petition related to election disputes;
  • Accident Claims before MACT
  • Suit For Recovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.
  • Petitions before CAT under Service Laws,
  • Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals etc;
  • Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;
  • Review Petition, Revision, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.
  • Any other petitions permissible by code of civil procedure, 1908.


Meet the best rated lawyer in Civil cases: Mr. Ramakant Gupta 

 Civil law comes into the practice when the subject matter is related to the propert or monetary transaction, and if the dispute or transaction is between the two private parties not the commercial transaction then these cases comes under the civil law and best advocates of civil law in Delhi is came into existence. 


Terminology of Civil Cases in Delhi 

The party who put the civil case is called as plaintiff, and the opposite party is known as defendant, The civil cases is Delhi is starts with filing of suit in the court and with the help of lawyer we put application or stay in the court, then the notice will be issued to the defendant by the court, defendant needs to send written reply to the court, That’s how the civil suit  starts in the court 


Example of Civil cases in Delhi 

Here are the example of Civil advocates in Delhi: 

  1. Civil suits related to the property disputes between the private properties between the landlord and tenant
  2. Suits related to the rest agreement between the two parties. It can be related to the rent issues or the breach of property infringement rights 
  3. For dissolution of marriage, between two partners civil suit can be applicable in the law 
  4. Suits for restitution of conjugal rights
  5. Suits related to the quality issues, suppose you have some quality related issues with the shopkeeper, this personal suit will come under civil suit 
  6. Tort. This is the fun personal injury, negligence, employment with harassment or other non-contractual aspects, etc.

 Civil cases are cases that don’t involve criminal law. Divorce, child custody, child support, and probate cases are all civil cases. Real estate disputes, personal injury, and contract disputes are other examples of civil cases.


What does a civil lawyer do in Delhi?

Civil law is the practice of law where offences is made at individual level but not at the intension of a crime. Civil matters can be filed in any of the court throughout the Delhi or outside Delhi. Property, torts, and marriage dissolution are some of the most common cases in the civil cases. Civil advocates in Delhi helps a client to file the petition in Delhi courts

Rkgandassociates: Best Civil Law Firm in Delhi and Our Scope of Cases 

Rkgandassociates is the renowned civil law firm in Delhi with over 18+ years of successive track record of civil cases. Our other practice areas are cheque bounce cases, marriage registration, divorce cases, and criminal cases,  Rkgandassociates is working day and night to resolve in the courts as soon as possible, and you get full satisfaction as a client. Here are some of our civil litigation matters we have handled or can handle: 

  • Breach of trust between two parties 
  • Co-operative society matters related to an individual 
  • Violation of consumer law by the companies/ local shops 
  • Rent agreement issues
  • Property matters 
  • Breach of contract 
  • Unauthorized land acquisition 
  • Transaction from a unauthorized source
  • Foreign act 

What are the qualities of a best civil litigation lawyer in Delhi?

A best civil litigation lawyer is itself capable of handling tough cases with the positive attitude and leave a charm in the eyes of client. Here are something you can expect from a Civil lawyer in Delhi 

  • Free legal consultation in civil matters 
  • Compensation should be issued in the marriage dissolution or breach of contract 
  • Transparent for laws, money throughout the judicial process 
  • Speed, accuracy and time bound are three most compatible qualities any client can expect in a civil ligation lawyer in Delhi 

Things you Should Notice Before Going to a Civil Lawyer 

Civil lawyer are the civil advocates and you should need to check some details before visiting to them: 

  • You should keep an eye of their experience, You should keep in mind that  you are visiting in them for the convenience not for bargaining in the market
  • Keep your documents ready and compiled in a file 
  • Clearly communicates your expectancy from the case 
  • Keep a double check that matters should be file in a court or both parties wants to settle it on its own 


How can i get free civil lawyer in Delhi? 

Free civil lawyer in Delhi maybe available at district court but it mostly depends upon the luck, you can opt government lawyer for the civil suit but you dont have right whom to choose for the suit or which lawyer suits your case. 

Legal advice is the most diverse field in India with lots of amendment and law changes. A good lawyer opts for lots of liability and time to get ready for the case and wins the case for the client. 

An individual session or counseling with the clients last for upto 45 minutes, time is precious and has some monetary value exchange as well. Legal advice should be considered as energy exchange not a kind of freebies. 


What is the salary of civil lawyer in India? 

 Law graduates has curiosity in their mind that how much I can earn as a civl lawyer in Delhi or in India. The reality is that a top notch lawyer can earn higher than a top notch surgeon. Practicing law as a profession has no upper or lower limits. In 18+ years of legal journey we have seen lawyers appearing in courts for Rs. 100 to Rs. 5 lacs per hearing, in Delhi. Obviously, there are many who charge even more. Even per case, it could be anything like 10k to a few lacs.Your income depends upon your clients’ paying capacity, city you live in, your standard of work and your accomplishments.


Civil lawyer near me

Civil cases need serious involvement of a lawyer in applying to the petitions, We are working effortlessly day and night to become more productive for our client. You can find best civil lawyer in Delhi on your fingertips, you can avail our video call counselling, You need to message us on +91 8860482921 and book a counseling session with the top civil lawyer near you and also you can also visit our office in saket court. 


Civil lawyer fees

Legal advice is not a product but a valuable service, generally civil lawyer has two models of payment, some advocate has a fees structure of a flat fees while other charge according to the sessions. The fees of the lawyer is depends upon the experience and number of sessions at the court 


Civil court advocate list

You can find civil advocates in the following list:

For more information visit here:


Top 10 civil lawyers in delhi high court/ Best civil lawyers in delhi high court

Lawyer who gets you best or most appropriate result from the court is the best in the High Court or any court in India.

Highest Paid Lawyer in India



  1. Fali Nariman 
  2. Kk venugopal 
  3. Gopal Subramaniam
  4. P. Chidambram 
  5. Harish Salve 
  6. Abhishek Manu Singhvi 
  7. Aryama Sundaram 
  8. Salman Khurshid 
  9. K.T.S Tulsi 
  10. Ram Jethamalani 



Top civil lawyers in delhi

Get consultation with the top civil lawyer in  Delhi with rkgandassociates with ober 18+ years of experience and more than 80% winning ratio, You can book counseling session on +91 8860482921 and get your cases filed with comfort 


Good civil advocates in delhi

Good civil advocates in Delhi mainly handles the civil suit in these 4 categories: 

  1. Family Dispute/ Marriage dispute 
  2. Propeerty cases/ Real Estate Issue
  3. Contract breach 
  4. Torts 


Best civil law firms in Delhi 

Rkgandassociates civil law firms in Delhi is a reputed firm established 18+ Years ago by Mr. Ramakant Gupta and managed by rkg and team, We offer customized and best legal services in all legal matters. Reach out to us to get legal civil suit: 

  • Suits for declaration and causes intentionally harm or unintention harm to someone 
  • Suits for temporary injunctions 
  • Suits for mandatory injuction 
  • Suits fir permanent injunction 
  • Peition for the breach of contract, agreement, partnership and commitment 
  • Petition for election 
  • Petition for family under child law 
  • Consumer protection law suits 
  • Suits for gas connection 
  • Suits for paternal property 
  • Peition for guardian on a child 
  • Suits for Indian Succesion Act 
  • Peition for Hindu and special marriage act 
  • Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals etc;
  • Any other petition in civil code, 1908

Best civil lawyers in saket court

Saket court has been started functioning in august, 2010. Saket court handles cases of south Delhi and south-east Delhi, The civil and criminal cases can be taken in the saket district court. Here it comes the civil lawyer in Delhi, RKgandassociates has been handling the civil cases  and you can book your counseling session for civil lawyer in saket court on +91 8860482921.


Best civil lawyer in dwarka court 

Dwarka court has been established as a district court in Delhi in 2008, The District Courts Complex has four blocks (seven storied), which are interconnected. Dwarka court has been handling in the south-west region of Delhi, The civil cases can be taken in the dwarka district court. Here it comes the civil lawyer in Delhi, RKgandassociates has been handling the civil cases  and you can book your counseling session for civil lawyer in saket court on +91 8860482921


Best civil lawyer in Tis Hazari Court 

Tis hazari is the oldest court in Delhi and  has been started functioning in 1958. 

Tis hazari court handles cases of central and west Delhi. The Tis hazari court complex was inaugurated by the chief justice A.N Bhandari, Ramakant Gupta is the best civil lawyer in Delhi and RKgandassociates has been handling the civil cases  and you can book your counseling session for civil lawyer in saket court on +91 8860482921.

All practice Area of Rkgandassociates

Civil lawsCriminal LawsMatrimonial/Family LawsConsumer lawsReal Estate Laws

Ask your doubts and question for Civil Lawyer in Delhi

Legal service is the continuous changing field and you would want to consult with a experienced civil ligitation lawyer in Delhi. Rkgandassociates has been giving legal advice from 18+ years. Book your civil counseling sessions on +91 8860482921 or whats your legal enquiries now. 



How long can civil case last in the court? 

The civil case can last upto 2-3 years in the court but in the presence of a experience and good civil lawyer in Delhi you case can be solved in no time and with ease. 


Do I really need a civil lawyer? 

Legal consultation is the special field where you need expertise. Here are the few reason to justify to the need of a civil lawyer: 

  • Law is a field which changes continuously and you need to study 5 years to become a lawyer, therefore you need some serious involvement in the legal issues 
  • You might loose in a single hearing without the presence of a civil advocate
  • More comfort is for you have experience civl ligitation lawyer

How to file a civl case in Delhi courts? 

Here are the some necessary steps for hiring a civil lawyer: 

  • Hire a good civil advocate 
  • With the help of advocate file a case in the court
  • Compile all document and gather information to the case
  • Appear in the court for hearing
  • Verdict the decision given by the judge
  • Win or appeal in the higher court


Who starts the legal proceedings in civil law? 

The one who wants rights in the property can only able to file a civil case against a party. 

 Whether written statement can be filed in court without advocate in civil suits

Written statements can be filed in the civil case without a lawyer. You don’t need to worry to give written statements, noone can forcefully force you to change the decision. 

To remove power of attorney in civil suit provision

The person who wants to remove the power of attorney need to record their opinion in the court and hence power of attornet can be removed. 

Which law in India gives the permission to a person common man/plaintiff to make his pairvi proceedings in a civil suit in the court?

There is no as such provision for pairvi in the civil case. 

 Is it necessary to rectify mistake happen3d in quoting a wrong section of law in petition filed in civil case?

There is no provision to rectify the mistakes, but You need to amend, in case you have put wrong section to file a case against a party. 

Can any one file a suit before civil court on power of attorney attested by notary and not by magistrate?

You can file a civil case if and only if power of attorney  is attached to the notary

Can civil courts stay payment of loan instalments Please answer with case law?

Yeah, court can stay paymend of loan installments, Courts has definite rights to do so. 

 Who law firm do the arbitrator for civil contract?

Arbitrator is append by the court 

 Legal fees paid to lawyer to defend civil suit

The legal fees which should be paid to the lawyer is not fixed, it totally depend upon the complexity of the case, and lots of other factor when it comes to the fees. 

What was the new civil law passed?

There is no such new civil law passed. 

In Indian legal system does a criminal law have supremacy over a civil law when the object or person of dispute is the same

Civil and criminal both are the two differnent concept and both proceedings done on different court 

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