Civil Law Practice- Best Civil Lawyer In  New Delhi

“RKG And Associates, is a platform that has professional experienced lawyers (Legal Experts) to look into your legal matters, expertise in a wide range of specialized in complete matter of civil nature, in-depth knowledge of all Civil procedures and Interpretation of Statute with strong analytical and arguing abilities adept at pleadings, drafting of Suit, Agreements, Contracts, vetting of Documents. Additionally money recovery, recovery disputes, suits related to children, wards, guardianships, estate, property, custody, execution, claims, partitions and various petitions etc.”

Talented and energetic new blood, who has recognition in this field, Provides comprehensive legal assistance to the clients under litigation of civil laws, of India. The Said Law firm not only stands for on behalf of their client in a legal proceeding but also gives advice to the client related to the civil business deal. The job involves presenting cases before judges, negotiating settlements of legal disputes, investigating the facts, filing appeals in the higher court on the behalf of the clients.
The Firm blessed with the team of highly qualified, specialized.

Type of Civil Cases in Delhi RKG And Associates Deal with?

At the Law Office of RKG And Associates, all these civil matters get resolved likewise most of the civil lawyers in Delhi by following the legal processes in a proper manner so that clients get maximum satisfaction. Here is some of civil litigation service  our best civil lawyer in Delhi provides:

  • Property Litigation Matters

  • Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues etc.

  • Consumer Protection Law

  • Contractual Dispute Litigation- Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements.

  • Unknown Transaction Matters (Benami transaction)

  • Easements Litigation Matters

  • Land Acquisition Litigation

  • Matters related to Foreign Act

  • Societies and Co-Operative Societies Matters

  • Successions and Trusts Matters

  • Suit for partition of movable or immovable properties in Delhi-NCR.

  • Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions

  • Suit for declaration;

  • Petitions under child & wards act & guardianship act.

  • Petition for custody of children, wards, appointments of guardians etc.

  • Petition for obtaining probate/letter of administration / succession certificate;

  • Petition related to election disputes;

  • Accident Claims before MACT

  • Suit For Recovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.

  • Petitions before CAT under Service Laws,

  • Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals etc;

  • Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;

  • Review Petition, Revision, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.

  • Any other petitions permissible by code of civil procedure, 1908.