Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

“RKG AND ASSOCIATES”, regarded as one of the leading law firms for criminal cases and represent in all sessio & district courts of Delhi along with this also serve in Delhi High Court & Supreme Court of India. The associates of our team are among the top most experienced handpicked & the best criminal lawyers in Delhi to our clients to get practical Legal Advice & help.

We are having faith in the Indian Constitution & Law’s, Therefore we are here to help every single one who gets stuck in baseless & fake cases, Where, clients are accused of a crime against a person (like assault or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting or theft), or any other criminal offense, said firm criminal lawyer can help here.

We as a responsible law firm & criminal lawyers in New Delhi to defend your rights at each stage of your case – from starting to filing an anticipatory bail to a regular bail to an appeal after conviction or to quash an FIR.

“RKG AND ASSOCIATES” primary role of protecting the interest of our client by representing them in a legal dispute before the appropriate court and represent the defense of the client.

As a responsible Criminal defense lawyer, we ensure that during the trial, the client will be treated fairly and the case along with supporting pieces of evidence and witnesses will be represented accurately. Our research team prepares a strong case of defense of the clients. INDIAN CRIMINAL LAWS- There are three major acts in Indian Constitutions Like:-

  1. Indian Penal Code, 1860.
  2. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.
  3. Indian Evidence Act, 1872.
  4. Besides three major acts, there are special Criminal Laws also passed by the Indian Parliament i.e. NDPS, Prevention of Corruption Act, Food Adulteration Act, Dowry Prevention Act, the Defence of India Act, etc. thousands of minor laws are made in India.

Why You Should Approached “RKG AND ASSOCIATES”  for Criminal Cases in Delhi 

  • Experienced & Specialist Team: Said Firm having the team of energetic, dynamic young blood with a combination of most experienced, specialist criminal defense lawyers.
  • Communication abilities: We Believe That “criminal attorney must be verbally verbalized and should have great composition aptitudes. These abilities are imperative to convincingly contend in the court under the watchful eye of the judges and to set up a reasonable and brief authoritative record.
  •  Research Skills: Good legitimate research abilities are required to look into important case laws, points of reference, corrections to help the contentions.
  •  Investigative Skills: Sometimes there are more than one conceivable arrangements or parcel of points of reference to help the argument. Thus, a criminal legal counselor ought to have systematic ability to assess every one of the potential outcomes before picking the last game-plan.
  •  Legitimate Knowledge: A criminal legal advisor must have inside and out learned of the laws, rules, guidelines, the system under laws and so on.

Team of criminal legal counselor: Educates customers about the potential outcomes regarding a case. A criminal attorney enables their customer to comprehend criminal laws. They additionally help the customer see how their activities could conceivably abuse a criminal law. A safeguard lawyer may enable their customer to comprehend whether a proposed game-plan is a wrongdoing. A lawyer for the state may help law requirement officers see best practices for authorizing the law.

Secures & Protects customer’s constitutional rights: Natives have established rights. No unit of government can pass a law that abuses an individual’s entitlement to be free from an absurd pursuit and seizure. Law authorization additionally can’t keep an individual in prison for an inconclusive timeframe. Criminal lawyers must know how the constitution and criminal law cross. They should know about sacred ramifications of law as they approach their work and supporter for their customers as important so as to secure and guard their established rights.

RKGandassociates Descriptive Guide To Criminal Laws

Criminal law is one of the laws that has a great bearing on dealing with human beings in private as well as in public. Criminal law is touching every sphere of human life. India witnessed drastic changes in the criminal law for sexual offenses, offenses in marriage and freedom of speech. Rkgandassociates assures that personal safety, security of life, liberty, and property will be kept for an individual. Rkgandassociates offers free consultancy for violation against the law and to file a petition against a party. Our director Mr. Ramakant Gupta names among the best criminal lawyer in Delhi.


What is a Crime?

Crime is a dynamic term in the law section. Crime is the pattern of human behavior prohibited by criminal laws at a given time in a given society. Crime mostly depends upon the specific featured and structured of an organization.

There are plenty of factors that push the making and amending criminal laws in higher jurisdictions:

  • Development in Science
  • Biology
  • Bio-technology
  • Changes in Moral Psychology
  • Changes in Social psychology


Understanding Criminal Laws and Need of Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

There are four essential elements that constitute a crime.

  • The wrongdoer must be a human being under a legal obligation to act in a particular way and must have the capacity to commit a crime, so that he may be a fit subject for the infliction of appropriate punishment.
  • Secondly, there should be an evil intent on the part of such a human being.
  • There should be an act committed or omitted in furtherance of such evil intent.
  • Fourthly, as a result of the conduct of the human being acting with an evil mind, an injury should have been caused to another human being or to the society at large. Such an injury should have been caused to any other person in body, mind, reputation, property.

Best criminal trial lawyers are in huge demand for the offenses and their defense as well. Criminal lawyer in Delhi has to fill certain responsibility which tells their need in the society:

  • A criminal trial lawyer has to draft, file, and argue appeal at all district courts in Delhi( karkardooma Court, Saket Court, Rohini Court, Patiala House Court, Dwarka Court, and Tis Hazari Court)
  • Criminal trial lawyers take care to negotiate punishment in case of the offenses proved
  • He has to take care of the witnesses and investigating the whole case
  • Develop a detailed case study of the defense


When To Approach a Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Criminal laws are very related terms to crimes and their punishment. Criminal laws focus on the rights of an individual, society, nature when these are violated it comes under the laws and strict punishment will be declared.

There are 7 types of crimes in Delhi jurisdiction:

  • Crime against human body and life
  • Crime against property
  • Crime against public peace
  • Crime against religion
  • Crime against family
  • Crime against family institutions
  • Crime against conservation of resources of society

If someone has filed a petition for violation of criminal law then you should visit the best criminal lawyer in Delhi.

Rkgandassociates Criminal Law Services in Delhi

Rkgandassociates law firm is committed to delivering quick and measurable results. Rkgandassociates is termed as the most professional law firm in Delhi. We provide the following criminal law services in Delhi district courts.

  • Criminal Law Legal Advice
  • Criminal Law Free Consultancy
  • Case filing in district court of Delhi
  • Trial Law
  • FIR Discussion
  • Regular Bail Application
  • Anticipatory Bail Application
  • Meditation and Arbitration
  • Appeals in the higher court of Delhi
  • Stay to the court orders
  • MOU
  • Agreement Preparation
  • Negotiate Punishment


Rkgandassociates Criminal Litigation Services in Delhi

There are various offenses that affect the human body. The penal code is designed in such a format that the offenders must suffer the same amount of pain as suffered by their victims in terms of their punishment i.e. Corporal, Transportation, Imprisonment, Monetary and Capital Punishment.

Rkgandassociates provides assistance for the following litigation services in Delhi

  • Culpable Homicide Cases
  • Murder Cases
  • The exception to Section 300
  • Homicide by Rash
  • Negligent Act 304A
  • Dowry Death
  • Abetment of Suicide
  • Hurt Cases
  • Grievous Hurt cases
  • Kidnapping Cases
  • Abduction Cases
  • Sexual Harassment Cases
  • Rape Cases
  • Theft Cases
  • Extortion Cases
  • Robbery Cases
  • Dacoity Cases
  • Criminal Misappropriation and criminal breach of trust
  • Cheating Cases
  • Mischief (Sections 425-440) Cases
  • Forgery Cases (Section 463 – 477A)
  • Marriage Offences Cases
  • Defamation Cases


Criminal Law Matters in Delhi

Criminal law is made to prevent the amount of crime in society. There are various matters that can come under the category of criminal law matters in Delhi

  • Murder (Section 300 to 303)
  • Causing death by negligence (Section 304A)
  • Dowry Death (Section 304A)
  • Abetment of Suicide (Section 305 & 306)
  • Being a thug (Section 311 & 310)
  • Causing miscarriages and injuries to the unborn children (Section 312 – 316)
  • Rape in Sexual Offences ( Section 375, 376, 376A, 376B, 376C, 376D)
  • Sudden Provocation
  • Death caused by sudden fight (Exception 2 of Section 300)
  • Exceedingly right of private defense
  • Act of Public servants
  • Rash and Negligent Driving
  • L6


Case Study


Criminal Petition

Criminal Petitions are the requested submitted application filed before going to court. Rkgandassociates provides support in the petition as per the need of the case application.

  • Anticipatory Bail Application
  • The interim or final petition
  • Memo generation
  • discharge of accused from the warrant case or Sessions case,
  • Arbitration ACT case
  • Commercial Appeal
  • Commercial Petition
  • Custom Appeal
  • Execution First Appeal
  • Execution Second appeal
  • Review Appeal


Why Choose Rkgandassociates

17+ Years of Experience: Rkgandassociates is lead by Advocate Ramakant Gupta. The law firm was established in 2004 by Ad. Ramakant Gupta. 17 years of rich experience with an 80% winning ratio makes him the best criminal lawyer in the supreme court, the best criminal lawyer in the Saket court, and the best criminal lawyer in south Delhi as well.

Free consultancy:  Rkgandassociates is the only firm across Delhi to start giving free consultancy to the legal issues related to the criminal law breach. You can avail of our free consultancy by filling in contact details. We will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours.

Pocket Friendly and affordable Fees:  Rkgandassociates is committed to providing legal services with zero errors. Our dedicated team makes us as the best law firm in Delhi. Our vision is to provide COST-EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, TIMELY, and ACCURATE legal advice across our all practice areas.

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