Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

KG And Associate is a leading Divorce Law Firm in New Delhi to provide best divorce lawyers for the couples who willing to take divorce or having other wedding disputes. As Firm “Having the specialist & most experienced legal advisors in the separation-related domain of Indian laws, we are committed to turn out with the best of results as it rely upon the type of divorce. Like- Contested Divorce, Mutual Consent Divorce, Cruelty Divorce, Adultery Divorce, Desertion, Conversion, Mental Disorder etc.

With the quickly changing social situation, presently India is never again a nation where the instructing of where the teaching of elders’ for so-called ‘adjustment’ leaves affect upon both men and women.

Therefore, the questions emerge and accompany various suits. These debates incorporate common just as criminal suit procedures. This is the place we can help settle these lawful issues without breaking a sweat.

India has divergent separation laws for various religions. Practically every one of the religions have their very own separation laws in India which are utilized and used when any debate emerges between two families or wedded people.

Separation is a very complicated, complex, and often an extreme step to problems that might be solved through mediation and counseling. The fact of the matter is even when we seem to be listening, in an emotionally charged scenario, we may be preparing to find a disconnected link and fight back with arguments.

To better prepare with the legal and technicalities involved in their case, our expert divorce lawyers share various case laws, legal provisions, and past judgments that are relevant and helpful.

To simplify the divorce proceedings, our divorce specialists will have a private, one-on-one counseling session with the client and offer practical and valuable advice on the available legal options. We persuade our client to think independently and decide on the next course of action with full clarity and confidence.

Other than the above-said issues, we dedicatedly give significant legitimate help to our across the country customers in the accompanying regions:

  • Registration of marriage
  • Adoption of child/children
  • Conversion of religion
  • Marriage as per legal guidelines of Muslim laws
  • Guardianship, inheritance and succession
  • Divorce petition by both/either parties
  • Divorce by mutual consent
  • Contested Divorce
  • Restitution of conjugal rights
  • Judicial separation, interim maintenance/compensation and permanent alimony

We, at “RKG And Associations” Law Solutions, are legal professionals driven by humanitarian considerations when it comes to charging our fees. We charge reasonably-fixed fees to handle the case of a Mutual Divorce.

However, the fee criteria for a contested case may differ as per the nature and gravity of the case, the actual fees is a matter of in-person discussion that can be had by visiting our office.

Just give us a call if you have any further questions or fill out the contact form given below, we get back to you within 24 hours.

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RKGandassociates: Ultimate Guide to Legal Family Laws and Divorce Law 

Family law differs from community to community, and religion to religion. The Muslims, The Hindus have different marriage and divorce laws. Even the minor community has different norms for marriage and divorce in Delhi district courts, high court, and supreme court.  The role of the Best family lawyer in Delhi is to ensure their client remains calm for their petition. Rkgandassociates provides free consultation for marriage registration in Delhi, divorce cases. You can opt for our free consultancy for a limited time.

Basics of Hindu Marriage

Hindus conceived of their marriage a sacramental union. Hindu doesn’t regard their marriage as contractual marriage but a tie between husband and wife for next 7 years. Divorce is never been in the dictionary of Hindi law of marriage,

Basics of Muslim Marriage

while Muslim marriage regarded their marriage as a contract. Muslim marriage has been defined as a civil contract for the purpose of legalizing sexual intercourse and the procreation of children. Muslim marriage is a polygamous marriage limited to four wives. A Muslim male has the capacity to hold four wives simultaneously.

Basics of Parsi, Jew and Christian Marriage

The Parsi marriage is also regarded as a contract through the religious ceremony of ashirvad is essential for its validity. Ashirvad means a prayer or exhortation to the parties to observe their marital obligation.  Marriage among the Indian Jews is also regarded as a written contract called Katuba between the parties that is essential for the validity of the marriage.

Christian marriage in India is also a contract and it is usually solemnized by a Minister of Religion licensed under the Christian Marriage Act, 1872.

Basics of Special Marriage Act, 1954

Under the special marriage act of, 1954 marriage is essentially a civil contract. Non-age and lack of consent render a marriage void. The act lays down a civil ceremony for the marriage.

Process of Marriage to the Divorce

Marriage is a sacrament or contract between the husband and wife, confer a status of legitimacy on the children of the marriage is regarded as consent and form in matters. Marriage resembles a commercial contract. The process of marriage is different in the following respect:

  • Capacity to marriage (Minimum age of boy and a girl)
  • Formalities of marriage
  • The ground of void marriage and voidable marriage
  • Avoidance of marriage
  • Dissolution of marriage (a marriage can be dissolved only with the help of the court, a contract of marriage cannot be a breach with the frustration, agreement, or breach)
  • Terms of marriage contract (Spouses are not free to enter into any terms of the contract, rather spousal rights and obligation are largely laid down by the law)

Rkgandassociates has a Lawyer in Delhi for divorce cases and in case you want to separate from your partner. Rkgandassociates also facilitates divorce lawyer legal services in Delhi

Documents Required to Get Marriage Certificate in Delhi

Hindu Marriage is solely based on the sacramental union hence they don’t require any document as such. Engagement and marriage day is the proof of marriage between the two parties (Husband and Wife), while Nikah( Muslim Marriage) doesn’t demand any document but the presence of a witness is required in the marriage and acceptance of Vows between the two parties. Rkgandassociates has the best Advocate for marriage registration in Delhi to apply for the marriage certificate at the comfort of the client’s home.

After the increasing divorce cases for the lack of evidence of marriage supreme court mandate marriage registration from 2006 irrespective of any religion.   The Hindu Marriage Act applies to Hindus, whereas the Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion.

On the other hand, marriage in other religions and court marriage in Delhi requires some documents. The best court marriage lawyer in Delhi ensures you don’t get any unusual delay in the marriage for the documents.

  • Address proof
  • Identity proof (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, etc)
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Wedding photograph
  • Wedding hall receipt
  • Passport size photograph

All these documents must be signed by a gazetted officer and the party has to deposit marriage certificate registration fees.

Documents Required in Court Marriage in Delhi

Court marriage has been really popular in today’s world. Court Marriage Lawyer in Delhi provides court marriage registration advice and to get a marriage registration certificate from the court.  Here are the documents that court marriage lawyer in Delhi might ask you before your court marriage:

  • If the partner is from another nation then VISA and NOC from the embassy must be issued.
  • In a second marriage of bride or groom, the death certificate is needed
  • Id proof od the 3 witnesses
  • 7 Photograph of the groom and bride
  • Proof of the age
  • Affidavit with Entry No.
  • Complete Application form

Importance of Marriage Registration in Delhi & All over India  

A marriage certificate is a mandate by the supreme court of India in 2006 whether you belong to any religion or you have done marriage in either way. It is applied to Hindu marriage law and special act marriage law. The marriage registration certificate in Delhi helps you to prove that you are legally married to some partner.

Other benefits of a marriage certificate are financial benefits, apply for an abroad VISA, legal separation, child custody issues. A marriage registration certificate is not just important in Delhi but all over India.

provides hassle-free legal advice, legal consulting, and legal service for marriage registration in Delhi, apply for the marriage certificate in Delhi, child custody cases, separation cases, etc.

Need of Best Court Marriage and Family Lawyer in Delhi

A family lawyer in Delhi is required to do court marriage and to apply for the divorce or separation of the two parties. Family advocates take the responsibility to the applicable IPC between the parties and to get separated:

  • Cohabitation caused by a man deceitfully inducing a belief in lawful marriage
  • Marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife
  • Same offenses with concealment of former marriage from person with whom subsequent marriage is contracted.
  • The marriage ceremony was fraudulently gone through without lawful marriage.
  • Enticing or taking away or detaining with criminal intent a married woman.
  • Cruelty by Husband or relative of husband ( 498 A)

There are variable punishments when found guilty from the imprisonment of 2 years you might have to pay some fine along with that.

Most Common Causes of Divorce

The Hindu marriage act, 1955 special marriage act, 1956,  dissolution of Muslim marriage act, 1939, Parsi marriage and divorce act 193 and divorce acts 1869-2001 recognize a marriage can be dissolved on the petition of husband or wife under a certain cause. Here are the most common causes of Divorce in Delhi are:

  • Actual Desertion
  • Constructive Dissertation
  • Wilful neglect under Hindu law and failure or neglect to maintain under Muslim law
  • Want of reasonable causes or excuse
  • Lack of consent
  • The statutory period of Desertion
  • Termination of desertion
  • Burden of proof
  • Physical cruelty
  • Mental cruelty
  • Insanity
  • Leprosy
  • Venereal Disease
  • Presumption of Death
  • Wife fault ground
  • Rape
  • Sexual Intercourse without wife willingness
  • Void marriage
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction
  • Non-resumption of Cohabitation after a Decree

Why Choose Rkgandassociates for Divorce Cases in Delhi

17+ Years of Experience: Rkgandassociates is lead by Advocate Ramakant Gupta. The law firm was established in 2004 by Ad. Ramakant Gupta. 17 years of rich experience with an 80% winning ratio makes him a divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi, a divorce lawyer in Delhi, and a divorce lawyer in New Delhi as well.

Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation n Delhi:  Rkgandassociates is the only firm across Delhi to start giving free consultancy to the legal issues related to the divorce petition. You can avail of our free consultancy by filling in contact details. We will in touch with you in the next 24 hours.

Pocket Friendly and affordable Fees:  Rkgandassociates is committed to providing legal services with zero errors. Our dedicated team makes us as the best law firm in Delhi. Our vision is to provide COST-EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, TIMELY, and ACCURATE legal advice across our all practice areas.

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